The house that tequila built


On March 5th, Julia and I closed on a new home in the Broadview neighborhood of Seattle.   we celebrated with tequila.  Shots!  It’s a great place for us, with lots of yard, a view and plenty of space to grow into.  We’ve spent the last three, maybe four, weeks now trying to upgrade things;removing old carpeting, popcorn ceiling, old paneling, etc.  It’s coming along nicely, so far.  Throughout most of the house is nice hardwoods that we had refinished to a nice new luster.  The popcorn removal was a messy task, but not too difficult to handle.  There is a tool for every job.  Thankfully, most of the ceilings were in great condition, and only one required a skim coat and a slight texture spray to cover up the defects.  Shots!

The back room, pictured here was a fun project to take on.  We removed old paneling and tore out the drywall.  With it all exposed, I really wanted to insert ceiling lights.  I rewired the floor outlets and tied into another existing power line for the new lights.  The toughest part was crawling through all the fluffy insulation in the attic.  Three way switches are always tricky to wire but I got it figured out.   Shots!   I’ve also got ceiling speakers which I think will ROCK for movies and music.  Todd has done a fantastic job taking care of all the finishing details.  The trim looks great.  The help him and Steph have given was invaluable.   We’re “over the hump” and hope to be moved in within a week.   But there is still a mile long list of things to do to the place.

We also owe a great bit of gratitude to Carol, Gary, Chris and Sarah for giving us a place to stay and taking care of Cora through all this.  Thank you.

More pictures can be seen here

Building our garage in ’06

juliadig   (click on link for movie file)

Totally forgot about this footage.  Julia was 7 months pregnant with Violet when we had to finish the back filling our new garage.  We had two wheel barrows and Julia on back ho.  She filled them and i ran them.  We turned some neighbors heads on this day.  Good times and the garage was finished in record time before Violet decided to show herself to the world.  She’s quite a natural on the backho

Some pics from that project