Panda Pandamonium winter concept art

These last couple months were a blast creating concept art for the game maps and costumes for the pandas.  Each asset I created was careful placed and color adjusted to fit the color scheme of the different worlds by the talented Hamzah Kasom.  While he did that, the favorite panda costumes were cleaned up and added to existing animations within CocoStudio’s animation editor.

Winter Costume Concepts Winter decals

Panda Art Concept



Here are some of the art asset sheets that I’ve created for our most recent game Panda Pandamonium available for iOS devices and coming soon to Android.

Animation reel 2012: Fetch

Here is a collection of animation I provided for the game Fetch for Big Fish. Character models for alligator, Bernard (old man) and coconut eating bird were created by me. I rigged the gator and bird.

music: The Time To Run by Dexter Britain

game is available here for iPad and will be coming out for iPhone shortly

Fetch on Evening Magazine!

Wow! Last nights episode of Evening Magazine was very cool.  They show Fetch and the exhibit at Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry

Fetch gets Editor’s Choice award on iPad app store

This game was such a delight to work on.  The team of nine that put this together worked with such a great dynamic.  Brian Thompson was Art Lead, Chris Campbell was Producer and together with Peter Yiap, Lead Programmer, they pieced together many of our ideas into this fun game.  The amazing background art was created by Hamzah Kasom, Soi Che, and Brian.  Chris mapped out the game play with Powerpoint which gave us a road map to follow.  Character animation was done by Rebecca Coffman and myself, with assistance in environment animation by Hamzah and the programmers.  On the programming team, we have Ryan Hoaglan, Sean Richer and Peter Yiap.  Those guys did an amazing job making Flash their b**ch.

We started the game not knowing exactly what direction we were going.  We had a lot of great ideas and mini games planned.  We did tons of concept art and explored so many possibilities.  That’s really where the fun is at.  Always asking “what if?”  But then once we got the story together, the world really began to take shape.

I  animated the mice, some of the dogs, the gator, coconut eating bird and Bernard (Embark CEO).  Rebecca did a wonderful job animating 95% of Milo, Iris, pirates and giving those robots so much personality.  Our goal was to match the animation with the world Milo and Bear lived in.  It was a nice mix of hand drawn and CG.  I can’t say enough about the backgrounds.  I hope to one day be able to paint half as well.

It was a true team experience creating this and, I think, it shows.  We all have something to offer and there were no bad ideas.  I can’t wait to make another game with this crew.

I hope everyone out there enjoys playing it as much as we enjoyed making it.



The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore

I remember seeing this a few months ago and feeling really inspired by the animation and the story.  It’s well deserving of its reward.

MasterClass: animating animals

I’m beginning to animate a dog and found this link on Vimeo.  It’s great reference and advice.  Hopefully it stays up for a while so I can refer to it again in the future.  Thank you CGMeetupTeam

MasterClass – Animating Animals: Tips and Tricks to Animating Believable Animal Characters in a Live Action Feature by William G from CGMeetUp Team on Vimeo.

Here is a compilation of animation I created for Drawn, produced and published by Big Fish Games.  These two games, Dark Flight and Trail of Shadows, have been a ton of fun to work on.  The games are great to play and beautiful to look at.  What I really enjoyed about it is that I was able to animate using several different tools.  I got a chance to provide hand drawn animation, modelling and animating in CG and post production effects in After Effects.  There’s much more I’ve done for the games while animating in the level editor but you’ll have to play the games to see them.

Drawn_Trail of Shadows

This game was a lot of fun to work on. I thoroughly enjoyed every animation task I was handed. Each project on this was a learning lesson and inspired me more and more to work on my illustrative skills as well as pushing my knowledge in animation. I hope to post the scenes I worked on soon, but I encourage everyone to try the game out.