Surfing @ Hobuck

We had an awesome time camping and surfing up on the Makah Reservation a couple of weeks ago.    There were nine of us, plus a Cora.  Of course the travel seemed to take forever.  Six hours including ferry wait put us at Hobuck Beach at midnight on Friday.  Long drive, but it was great waking up at the beach with nothing to do but make coffee.  The waves topped out at about 5′, with an average of 4′.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather.

It’s weekends like that one that help me to pause a moment and be thankful for everything I have and experienced.

Puerto Vallarta June 2009

We Had a great time going to  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico over Julia’s birthday, June 26th.  Julia, Violet and I went with our dear friends Shauna, Rudolpho, Brianna and Eric for a five day trip down south.  Of course, it wasn’t long enough…never is.  But it is very memorable and I can’t wait to take a nother trip with the group again.

We got in on Wednesday afternoon and enjoyed a great dinner at Brasil; lots of meat! Thursday morning was enjoyed at the beach  and then by the poolside.  Shauna and Rudolpho took “two for the team by going to a couple 90 min presentations that paid for our rental car and the canopy tour.  Thanks guys!  When they got back from their sales pitch meeting we had lunch and proceeded to burn ourselves under the hot Mexican sun.

Friday was Julia’s birthday and we spent it at Sayulitas, surfing tiny lil waves (but still fun) and hanging out under the umbrella.  After a few hours of beach fun, we headed on over to Pipi’s restaurant fors ome really strong margaritas and great food.  We were all stuffed.

We joined Shauna and Rudolpho on the second 90 min session at a nice condo.  We waited patiently by the poolside.  It got too late to go on the canopy  (zip line) tour so we headed back into town, just in time for the heaviest rain I’ve ever been in.  The lightning offered us a great show while we played cards that night.

Sunday’s canopy tour was a little delayed since the road washed out (mostly).  The driver and his crew were great at getting us to the site were we swam a bit and zipped through the trees on the set of Predator.  It was pretty cool stuff.  Later that night we took the kids to the Circo Rolex which was quite an event.