digital copy of a Leyendecker

Here is another exercise to help me become more acquainted with painting digitally.  J.C. Leyendecker was one of the best painters to come out of the 20th century.  He was a master artist that created hundreds of beautiful works in his career.  Anyways, here is a copy from a section of one of his paintings.

Leyendecker master copy, painted in Photoshop


initial drawing and palette

I did the work in Photoshop working as if I were using the sight size method.  It incorporated a lot of measuring and seeing.  Then I created a palette to use avoiding just grabbing colors from the original. That doesn’t teach anything.

Started in with the under painting.

original detail of painting

Here is the digital image I worked off of.  It is a close up section of the painting below that someone had the privilege of seeing the original and photographed it.original painting by JC LeyendeckerBy getting into the details of this painting, I was able to see the mastery that went into the painting.  Leyendecker wasted no stroke.  Everything was so precisely put in place.  Another fun exercise.

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