Still Life workshop with Carlos Madrid Day 1

This week I have the pleasure of taking a five day still life painting workshop with Carlos Madrid which is a great treat.  I was very excited to discover he was one of Juliette Aristides‘ instructors, which she was one of my instructors and a great influence on my approach towards fine art.  One of the main things Carlos stresses is that “if the drawing is not right the painting will not be right”.  Draftsmanship is very important when trying to create a successful painting.  No matter how amazing the value or color is done when creating a still life, if the drawing does not look right, the painting will not look right.  So day one was spent drawing my still life set up.  It took three tries to get it “right”.  Mainly because a still life should be life size.  I did measuring techniques that brought accurate results but not to proper scale.  On the third attempt I think I came pretty close to exact sizeIMG_2374

Strong emphasis will be placed on the Munsell Color System designed to simplify color organization for artists and print makers.   I hope to learn more about this in the coming week.munsell color wheel Here is the drawing done with charcoal and graphite, then covered with a fixative and a thin wash of gray with a value of about 6, out of 10.

drawingtomorrow I will address color…I think.


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