Still life workshop with Carlos Madrid day 2

This morning was spent mixing all the colors necessary for my painting. It took a couple of hours to mix the value ranges for each color I saw on the pumpkin, glass ball and sea shell. Once I had them all set, or most all of my colors mixed, I roughed in a quick poster study. imageMy palette is loaded up with color. Hardly room to mix more. I should’ve brought in a cleaner board but this one would have to do. It was when I laid down my first dabs of paint that I saw my orange didn’t have enough chroma. I used cadmium orange and darkened it with burnt umber. I needed to create a new row of color with red added. A neat trick I learned was to isolate a spot on the still life and canvas by looking through a loosely closed fist. By leaving a small opening at the pinky, I isolate one spot to see the chroma without distortion from surrounding colors. This could be done with a dark paper with a hole punched in it, but I don’t carry one around with me.

Anyway, with the poster study done and palette ready, I was on my way to painting the final piece. image

Hopefully it will all get done in the next three days.

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