Still life workshop with Carlos Madrid finished up

My goal on Wednesday was to cover the canvas, at least around the objects.  I tried painting as accurately as possible with color and value.  The paint medium I used was a mix of 1 part linseed oil, 3 parts Gamsol (odorless mineral spirit) and two drops of cobalt drier.  The medium was applied to the canvas before painting to assist in it’s glide across the canvas, and it also allowed for a faster drying time.  I focused on each element one at a time.  Might not be the best practice but with three days to finish it, I can circle around the canvas touching things up.image On Thursday, with the painting dry to the touch, I started again with the pumpkin.  I was able to bring it closer to a finish with a lot more refined details.  The afternoon was spent painting the shell. I liked the way it was going but was informed that the shadow on the pumpkin was not dark enough and needed more chroma.   You can kind of see the area where I began repainting the shadow of the pumpkin.  It’s a little darker and has more saturation of color.

imageFriday was spent fixing the shadow on the pumpkin with some alizarin crimson added to the orange mix I had.  Then I did a mad push to finish the buoy before the class ended.  It just needs a coat of retouch varnish to bring out the sunken colors.  I’m really happy with the results and would take a class with Carlos again.  He is a master of color.

still life with pumpkin shell buoy_smallStill Life with pumpkin, shell and buoy.


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