Digital master copy of a Sargent

I had some time to work on my digital painting skills.  I’ve really liked this John Singer Sargent painting, entitled “Head of a Capri Girl”, and wanted to try a copy of it for some time.  My drawing is slightly off, I know, but I was more focused on getting a close representation.  Since I’m new to this I thought I would start off the way I do when painting with oil.  I started with the palette.  Without a good palette set up, I find I do nothing but struggle with a painting.  I would consider this a complimentary palette with a strong emphasis on purple and yellow.  Below are my steps as I completed it.  I love the thick layer of paint that Sargent uses for the lights.  There was no way I could match that perfectly.  The goal here was to be as accurate with color and value as I could with the 3 hours I had.