Pend Oreille Paintings

This past January I went to Lake Pend Oreille in Idaho with friends and family on a ski trip.   It was a beautiful weekend and I quickly painted these two images while we were hanging out at the cabin.

Snowman second linear pass

Here is another pass on my animation file.  I’ve reworked some of his acting and adjusted some of his poses so that he looks more exhausted after rolling these monster snowballs around.  Everything is still evenly timed out so I will speed up some of the parts to add more “texture” to the scene.  What I mean by texture is adding more contrast between fast and slow motion within the shot.  What keeps things interesting and entertaining are the changes.  If everything continues at the same pace it might appear too monotonous.  Like a song with no “change ups” in it can tend to get boring.  “Texture” can also be applied to composition, posing, lighting.  It’s referred to as variety in this case.  You can click on the image to watch the animation play.  Thank you to Jean Denis for some great feedback with his workshop and really good animation tips on his blog.

Snowman 2nd blocking pass

Here is my second blocking pass for this animation.  It was suggested that I think more about who this character is .  The whys?  In my mind he’s an ambitious character who’s really excited about the years first snowfall.  He wants to build a massive snowman since conditions are so good for it. But he’s taken on a bit more than he can chew and really wishes he’s and a bit more stamina for the task.  Make of it what you will, it’s helped me out in shaping his behavior and his actions.  I asked myself why is he building this?  why is he so excited?  why is he getting tired?  …and on and on.  I’m working in a linear mode where the poses move straight forward from one to another.  There are no ease ins or outs yet.   I’ve roughed in some of the facial expressions, but as you can see, there are no blinks in there yet.  I’m excited to hear what Jean Denis has to offer for feedback.  It should be up on here shortly.